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We provide backflow services in the Salado, TX area

When you need to make sure that you have clean water running into your home or business, you can rely on Killeen Backflow Testing. We offer residential and commercial backflow services, including backflow inspection services, in Salado, TX and all surrounding areas.

Our company owner can test your backflow device to ensure your backflow is working correctly to meet the standards required by the city or municipality. Backflow occurs when there is a negative pressure on your water system. For example, a water main break can create negative pressure on your water system. With more than 16 years of experience, we can complete thorough, accurate backflow inspections.

Call 254-444-1427 now to talk to our backflow specialist. Registered in every city in Bell County, we are ready to test your backflow device and give you piece of mind knowing your water system is protected against backflow.

Take advantage of our same-day backflow testing services

Are you on your 3rd and final notice from the city? Is your water about to be turned off? Don't worry, call Killeen Backflow Testing today for same-day services. You call, we test. We are able to provide same day services in most cases. We do not charge extra fees for last minute backflow testing. If you don't deal with your backflow issue, then depending on where you live, you could find yourself dealing with...

Fines from your city
Irrigation issues
Unusable water

Call Killeen Backflow Testing today at 254-444-1427 to schedule to get your backflow tested.

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