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Are You Drinking Clean Water?

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You don't want to drink anything but clean, pure water. Unfortunately, if your plumbing has a backflow problem, the used water that should exit your home could enter your fresh water supply instead. Chemicals, soap and even waste could come out of your tap and into your glass.

Killeen Backflow Testing can find out whether this is happening in your home and stop it. Our licensed, insured contractor provides backflow testing services in Salado, TX and all surrounding areas. You can depend on us to use accurate testing methods and cutting-edge equipment during your service.

Find out what causes backflow

You can get a backflow problem wherever a fresh water line connects with a wastewater line. If your water line loses pressure or your wastewater line gains pressure, the imbalance forces wastewater to enter the water line.

If you have backflow, our backflow prevention tester can identify it for an affordable price. Our locally owned and operated company can then fix it by providing backflow services, including backflow prevention device installation or repair services. Getting clean water flowing through your faucets again is crucial, so we'll get to work promptly.

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