What Can You Do About Backflow?

Add a backflow prevention device to your plumbing now in the Salado, TX area

If you need help knowing whether you need a backflow device installed in your plumbing system, our backflow technicians are licensed and trained to discover possible cross connections and help get you a backflow plan to protect the water system in your home or property. Killeen Backflow Testing can install a backflow prevention device on your property. We can also test the device to make sure that it meets local requirements in Salado, TX or surrounding areas.

Does the freeze have your backflow device needing attention?

Whether you are needing repair parts, an entire new device installed, or winterization to your existing backflow device, we offer all those services and more. Don't get content in thinking the unexpected won't happen. Killeen Backflow Testing will get your backflow device winterized and prepared for the unexpected.

Count on us to repair your broken backflow prevention device. Without a working backflow prevention device, you won't have clean water. That's why we provide prompt backflow repair services, often on the same day that you contact us. Our licensed, insured company owner can:

Inspect any backflow prevention device
Recommend ways to resolve the problem
Complete backflow repairs or replacements

He'll draw from more than 16 years of experience to ensure that you have safe, healthy water in your building as soon as possible. Call 254-444-1427 now to hire our local backflow specialist.

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